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Addys Accent Wall Design


What our clients say is extremely important to us. Without client satisfaction, we would not have a business. That is why MLDesign Interiors is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the Interior Design Studio services that we provide. Take a look at what people in the past have said about us and schedule your consultation today to start collaborating together.

"We met Marla over 10 years ago, that was the beginning of our remodeling journey together. She has transformed 2 of our businesses and recently completely remodeled our home. She has exceptional taste, is extremely talented and makes a reality everything we imagine. With her architectural background she can design anything and has amazing decoration ideas. As a person, friend and architect/ designer she is the best! We are eternally grateful for having met her and will continue to include her in all of our future projects."

Alfonso & Cristina Reyes

Sunset Animal Hospital

"Our firm has recently had the pleasure of working with MLDesign Interiors. We were so pleased to work with a company whose personnel were all top notch and willing to do what was needed to make our project a success. They constantly strived for quality in their work and put thought into every step of our project. It was a fabulous experience to work with Marla Leongómez on designing and decorating our office space! Marla’s work is timeless and elegant and she has a keen aesthetic sense that respects yet enhances her clients’ preferences. She is an exceptional interior designer with great style and taste. Quality, integrity, and passion are the three words I would use to best describe MLDesign Interiors. I would highly recommend Marla Leongómez and ML Design Interiors as a qualified interior designer for any potential design project."

Addys Dieguez

Qualified Title Services and the Law office of Anthony Dieguez

"We contracted MLDesign Interiors to do a total upgrade of our Cabana bathroom and at first I was kind of skeptical because the designer "Marla" is a very close friend of ours. However, when Marla showed up at our house to assess the project and listened attentively to our vision, all my skepticism was put to rest. Her initial design presentation together with the examples that she brought along for us to see and touch was off the charts. She was very specific
and timely with the ordering of all the construction supplies and bathroom hardware needed for the project. Her design plans were meticulously
and professionally done. Likewise, her daily interactions and supervision with the contractor was dutifully firm and unwavering. If something was not quite right she would "time-out", get all the parties together and fix it. Finally, we are completely satisfied with the end result of the project and welcome anyone who is in need of a design specialist not to look any further, she will not disappoint."

Luis Martell-Castro

Luis & MariaEstela

"Marla is a confident, lovely, creative person with innovative ideas every time.
She has an eye for detail, is able to go with the latest trends, a good knowledge of sustainable practices, strong computer knowledge, superior communication skills and sketching ability. Working with her has been a real pleasure. She was able to visualize and sketch design plans as I pictured it in my mind. She was able to match the  source materials and products, determine costs and inspect construction to ensure alignment with design specifications are met.

Hiring such a skillful, creative and talented person as your next interior designer will definitely be beneficial for your remodeling projects."

Karla Flores-Galvan


"I've been in the construction industry for over 15 years, and decoration for me is the most important part of any construction project. I've been working with interior designers all these years, but to be honest none of them fulfilled my expertise. After a couple of years when I finally decided to buy, build and design my dream home, all my fears began after the final construction details were done, but fortunately I met Marla, she was recommended by a good friend of mine who trusted her as one of the best interior designer with great taste, that's how he described her and he wasn't wrong, since the first time she visited my house and she shook hands, I knew I wanted Marla to complete my dream home and she helped me to make it come true. I'm so happy with her work and I can affirm it was totally worthy because every time I open my door I feel that i'm the happiest and luckiest person in the world. I recommend Marla 1,0000000% with my eyes closed."

Aideline Amaran


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