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aka the questions and answers 

about our e-design services

Why should I hire MLDesign Interiors for my E-Design project?

I will provide a highly personalized e-Design, based on your specific style, preferences, and the way that you live. Each product in the Virtual Interior Design service that you receive will be selected just for you and your home.

What are the benefits of using MLDesign Virtual Interior Design services to a full-service Interior Designer? 

Virtual Interior Design (e-Design) provides an opportunity to bring a customized and timely design to you.

This means that you will take some measurements, pictures, and order the materials and products yourself along with setting these products up once they're received.  This may also include hiring professionals or completing other small projects for the space including painting and/or hanging wallpaper.

What services won't I receive through Virtual Interior Design that hiring a traditional Interior Designer would provide me with?

  • In-home consultations

  • Detailed measurements and photography

  • Multiple flooring & tile/paint/wallpaper/fabric/countertop selections are brought to you to select from.

  • Custom cabinetry, drapery, and furniture design.

  • Ordering of furniture, products, and materials.

  • Project management.

Will I receive a quality design by hiring an E-Designer?

When you hire MLDesign you can feel confident that you will receive the same attention to detail in the selections of products that you would receive hiring a traditional full-service interior designer.  The only difference will be the amount of services provided to you as listed above.  Each item will be personally selected just for you, with an extremely high level of consideration for your style, choices, quality, and budget as well as the space that it is being purchased for.

What are the benefits of hiring MLDesign Interiors for my E-Design project instead of doing it myself?

  • You will save time selecting furniture, accessories, light fixtures, rugs, paint, etc.

  • The selections of items for your space will be chosen with consideration to function and form including the elements of design.  This means that your finished interior will be a well-designed space that has been exceptionally tailored and customized to you.

  • Your design will exceed your expectations because your space will be designed to your specifications by someone who knows how to put your vision together.

  • With an understanding of color, texture, and pattern along with how they work together in a space, your new room will be perfectly coordinated.

  • Your space will be designed to your measurements of your room and all selections will be made with consideration to this. Understanding size and scale, your new room not only look great but function well too.

  • With a well-design room, and thoughtful selections made, your new space will serve you for years to come.

How long will it take to receive my final e-Design from MLDesign Interiors?

After I receive your completed e-Design Questionnaire and payment along with photos, measurements, and inspirational images, you will receive your complete E-Design Plan within 2-4 weeks (often sooner).

Factors that may influence and increase the delivery time of your design include:

  • Changes to the information initially provided on the E-Design Questionnaire influencing the overall design selections.

  • Delays in Concept Board selection approval, in order for me to proceed with your design.

  • Services that include multiple spaces/rooms (since each will complement each other in their final design)

  • The level of customization that you have selected.

Can I use MLDesign Interiors for my whole home or more than one room at a time?

Yes! Absolutely! Please be sure to indicate each room you would like MLDesign Interiors e-Design for when selecting the service you would like to purchase through the e-Design Questionnaire. 

Please contact me if you have any questions before doing so or if you don't see exactly what you need.

Why are Virtual Design Services structured at a fixed-rate price?

A fixed-rate structure allows for complete transparency.  It also provides you with a clear budget for the remainder of your project.

How do I know that the fixed-rate price for each Virtual Interior Design Service is fair?

Each MLDesign interiors e-Design service has been carefully priced in consideration of the time involved for the high level of customized attention that you will receive.  Each MLDesign Interiors service takes a considerable amount of time to tailor for each individual client.  Dependent on the service(s) selected, your e-Design plan will include:

  • E-Design Questionnaire Review and research based on this information

  • One concept Board (updated on approval of all product selections)

  • Selection of all products and materials for the space (furniture, rug(s), art & accessories (as defined in the deliverables for the e-Design Service you select)

  • Clickable Shopping list - with detailed information including direct links to purchase each item

  • Floor Plan including furniture placement (to scale)

  • Client communication throughout the process & 60 days post-e-Design

  • Product Substitutions, if required (one per item to a maximum of 5 for e-Design Full e-Design and 3 for e-Design Refresh), to ensure complete satisfaction.  Additional revisions are available if required (at a rate of $120 per hour).

How will you select the products for my Virtual Interior Design Service? 

To curate a well-styled design, it is best to shop from a number of sources and/or manufacturers.  I will consider price, quality, and customer review with every selection to ensure that both a beautiful design coupled with well-considered products are provided to you.  Of course, if you have a favorite vendor or retailer, I'll certainly curate items from there too.

Will I be in communication with you throughout my E-Design project? 

Absolutely! You are welcome to contact me at any time to discuss your e-Design project and we'll use an online interior design platform for your e-Design where our communication will primarily take place.


To ensure that you receive the time and attention that you deserve, it is recommended that you schedule your telephone calls in advance.  Understanding that every client has their preferred method of communication and busy lives, I encourage you to contact me however you prefer (email, telephone call, text).  The online interior design platform is a perfect way for leaving comments.

How and when do I pay for my E-Design? 

After selecting the service that is best suited for you, electronic payment will be required, in full. Of course, if you're not sure which online interior design service is best for you, please contact me and we'll discuss ahead of your selection and payment.


Will you recommend specialized trades for me to complete painting or other services that may be required to complete my e-Design project (i.e. Electrician to hang light fixtures, etc)?

I highly recommend hiring only skilled and reputable trade persons and suggest using a reputable referral service when bringing any professional into your home.

What if I don't love my Virtual Interior Design? 

I want every MLDesign Interiors client to be completely satisfied with their final design.  If you're not, we'll work together to make sure that you are.

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