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Summer Vibes: Step Inside Our Shabby Chic & Cozy Living Room

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Step into a world of refreshing colors, cozy comfort, and endless summer fun as we invite you to explore our exquisitely designed informal living room. This medium-sized L-shaped space boasts a perfect blend of trendy summer shades, light-colored furniture, and inviting accents that beckon you to unwind and create lasting memories. From vibrant pinks to soothing pastels, from family game nights to stylish gatherings, our living room is the epitome of a summer retreat that captures the essence of the season. At the end of this post you will find some ideas with links that you can shop inspired in this room.

1. Functional Layout and Comfy Furniture:

The heart of our living room is the functional L-shaped sofa, featuring high-performance treated fabric that ensures durability without compromising on style. Large windows at the back of the house flood the room with natural light, making it the ideal spot to bask in the sunshine. A round coffee table stands ready to hold summery drinks and essentials, while a shelf with the same color of the wall provides a platform to showcase whimsical and fun decorative items.

2. Playful Color Palette:

Imagine soft pastel hues like pinks, blues, and tangerines, reminiscent of a dreamy summer sunset. The walls and trims adorned in Sherwin Williams' "Quaint Peche SW6330" envelop the room in warmth and charm. To contrast this delightful palette, carefully curated black and dark gray pieces add a touch of sophistication and depth, ensuring the eye is captivated by every corner.

3. Inviting Decor and Nature's Touch:

A soft rug ties the room together, inviting you to sink your feet into comfort. Flower arrangements and tall plants bring nature indoors, infusing the space with life and tranquility. A small wood-tone coffee table not only catches everyday essentials but also serves as a gathering place for sharing stories and laughter.

4. Lighting Magic:

Recessed LED lights with black trims provide a soothing ambient glow, while a mid-century-style black wall sconce caters to the avid reader's need for a cozy reading nook. Whether you're lost in a book or engaged in conversation, the lighting caters to every mood.

5. Versatile Gathering Space:

Our living room is not just a space; it's an experience. With an open and functional layout, it effortlessly transforms to accommodate large gatherings, making it the ultimate destination for late summer parties and indoor activities that continue long after the sun sets.

6. Family-Friendly and Entertaining:

Designed with families in mind, this room is your haven for quality time. From playing board games to watching movies, this versatile space adapts to your needs. The mix of fun artwork prints, flower textures, and carefully curated decor ensures that both adults and little ones feel right at home.

7. Personal Touches and Elegance:

Gold tones elevate the space, adding a touch of elegance that complements the vibrant color palette. These thoughtful accents harmonize with the overall design, giving the room a luxurious yet approachable charm.

8. Design Tips to Implement in Your Space:

Get inspired! Create a board of images that you like, summer themes call to have fun, bring brightness and creativity in all we do. See the trends that are happening around you, such in fashion, cosmetics and even in summer recipes. In terms of interior design, choose to transcend seasons with neutral furniture pieces while opting for high-performance fabrics to withstand the rigors of daily use, especially if your space is a hub for playful kids and furry companions. Don't hesitate to play with accent pillows, introducing patterns, textures, and a burst of colors that resonate with your personality.

9. Unveiling the Summer Trend:

As the long-awaited summer movie "Barbie" takes center stage, we can't help but embrace the nostalgia and fun it brings. Soft and hot pinks from the movie's theme make a bold appearance in our living room, adding a playful touch that's both on-trend and timeless. Just as Barbie inspires creativity and individuality, our living room design aims to spark your imagination and make every moment count.

Here is some designer curated picks to bring in the summer vibes into your home:


With a captivating blend of trendy summer colors, comfortable furnishings, and inviting decor, this living room design captures the spirit of the season. It's a haven for laughter, relaxation, and cherished moments, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of summer with family and friends. So why not let the warmth of our living room embrace you as you indulge in the magic of this vibrant season?


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